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Looking For Relationships With Men Women & Couples

Age:31 years
Sponsoring:I don't expect money
Marital status:single
I'm looking for a:woman, man, couple
Height:5ft 8in (173 cm)
Weight:10st 4lb (65.3 kg)
I like most:sex
Light or hard:hard
I like:spanking, sex, fetish, fisting
Last login:8 hours ago

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I Am Sapio.Vanguard (Can Not Change My Name On This Account)

I Am Submissive To a Male Dominant - Not Slaving. When Dom Gaines My Trust, He Will Receive Natural Total Submission Full Of Respect, Obedience And Gratitude.

I Enjoy Back And Forth Power Exchange When With Female To Follow Prolonged Cuddles And Aftercare That I Give As A Mommy To A Babygirl.

Enjoy Couples a Lot. In Proper D/s/s (M/f/f) Type Of Experience I Am Middle. In Other Type Of Threesome I Prefer Tipsy Fun To Follow Exciting Passion Rollercoaster. I Find These Especially Great With A Long-Term Couples That Want Woman To Join Them.

I Am, Also, Interested In Switch And Submissive Men That Allow Me To Explore My Interests Further In Understanding And Enjoying Him And His Body In My Way. I Am Not Interested In Taking Domme’s Or Dominatrix Position (No Degrading, No Humiliation). I Care About Mutual Respect And Working Together. Furthermore, With The Right Person, I Am Possibly Interested In Power Exchange And Possible Pain Infliction.

After Listing What I Desire, I Would Like To Admit, That I Am After Lasting Connection Instead Of One Night Stand. Weather, It Is One, Two Or Five Months (Until Someone Will Stop It, Because Of Really Shit Cup Of Tea And No Milk!).

I'm, Originally, From Baltic States, Live In Manchester. I Do Not Accommodate, And, To Be Honest, Not Willing To Travel Either.

Socially, I Am Strong, Independent Alpha Woman. I Feel Myself As Non Binary, Though, I Do Not Have A Need To Anyone Act Or Address Me In Certain Way, Because Of It.

I Like Intense, Painful, Emotional Sessions As Well As Fun, Sensual And Intelectual Exchanges. Thank You .S.V.

Please, Do Not Contact Me If:

You Are Newbie Or/And A Wannabe. Long-Term Couples Are The Exception.

You Are Younger Than 27 Or Older Than 44 Years Old. Exception Is A Possibility.

Excessive Hair On Your Body (Not The Head Hair).

If You Are Married.

If You Are After Online Play.

If You Are After a Pen Pal. Thank You .S.V.

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