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Slave looking for facesitting dom/mistress

Age:24 years
Sponsoring:I don't expect money
Marital status:single
I'm looking for a:woman, man, couple
Height:5ft 7in (170 cm)
Weight:7st 8lb (48.1 kg)
I like most:torture
Light or hard:hard
I like:torture, fetish
Last login:22 hours ago

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I have figured out that I am looking for dom or mistress to have me tied up in a helpless position and situation and then facesit me as long as they can go for. I am also into face farting and a little scat depending on the trust and how it will be done.
Facesitting is one of the cruel ways to punish someone and humiliate them.

Please briefly describe to me how you would prepare us to facesitting and how it will take place like a little senerio. Ive had some people say 'they will leave me there tied afterwards and leave' for safety reasons I require a description.

No hi messages. Also, only people with pic will have more chance. I don't want to put myself in a situation where people can't even put a pic up.

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