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Miss Lucy

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Yours Dom

Age:50 years
Sponsoring:I expect money
Marital status:single
I'm looking for a:woman, man, couple
Height:5ft 8in (173 cm)
Weight:9st 11lb (62.1 kg)
I like most:spanking
Light or hard:very hard
I like:bondage, spanking, pain, sex, pissing, fetish, fisting, scat, wax, clips, other
Last login:I'm online

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My expertise encompasses a broad spectrum of BDSM practices, including restraint, corporal discipline, roleplay, sensory exploration, and so much more. Armed with an array of implements and an innate understanding of power dynamics, I will orchestrate a symphony of both pleasure and pain that will leave you yearning for an encore.

I extend an invitation for you to step into my realm. My repertoire includes, though is not limited to:

1. Over-the-knee spanking
2. Dual-handed spanking by two skilled practitioners
3. Paddling
4. Caning
5. Birch play
6. Hairbrush spanking
7. Mouth soaping
8. Corner time or naughty step discipline
9. School-themed scenarios
10. Online discipline, including assignments, tasks, and self-administered spankings
11. Chastity devices and Keyholding services
12. Cross-dressing transformations, available both online and in-person
13. AB/DL (Adult Baby/Diaper Lover) role-play, inclusive of diaper changes and enforcement
14. Humiliation play
15. Sissification and frilly/satin attire
16. Bondage, with the option of Segufix restraints
17. Immersive role-playing scenarios, such as a schoolroom or headteacher's office, bondage chamber, nursery, and transformation scenes.

And More, and so forth.

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