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Whose mind can i fuck with next?

Location:Milton Keynes
Age:40 years
Sponsoring:I expect money
Marital status:separated
I'm looking for a:woman, man
Height:5ft 2in (157 cm)
Weight:12st 7lb (79.4 kg)
I like most:bondage
Light or hard:hard
I like:bondage, spanking, pain, pissing, fetish, fisting, wax, clips, other
Last login:2 months ago

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I am ... the girl next door with the sweet and innocent face yet have the most wonderful mind which I share with a select few... the biggest mind fuck of all.... 'Cute' / 'Sweet' on the outside... but seriously not to be fucked with on the inside...

I am a complete perfectionist, a happy sadist with a wicked sense of humour. I love a total mind fuck, and the journey to get to them.

I believe I am unique in my thoughts, the way I see Female Domination and how I view you, including what I expect and what I will not tolerate. I am strict, I am a stickler for rules and protocol. I enjoy so much of the lifestyle from key holding to high protocol and I relish in training you, moulding my perfect little *** (Whatever name i gift you)

If i choose to give you my attention, it must be because you've Intrigued me, you'll realise how lucky you are, you may think I sound big headed, believe me, I am quite the opposite, I'm modest, and I know you're onto a good thing.... so be mindful that time is precious and time wasters shall be ignored and blocked.

I ventured into the lifestyle in 6 years ago and live it every possible moment I can. Forever evolving and Intrigued by new things.

I have a complete adoration and addiction to corsets, lace and chains.

I adore educating my submissives/slaves to serve me, even more so I enjoy educating those who are completely selfless and find the joy in pure service with no ulterior motive. These are the most rewarding for me. I enjoy so much in the lifestyle and have so much still to learn, however everything I do, I do it because I crave a reaction, I am 100% a reaction junkie. You'll know if your reaction pleases as You'll hear my giggle escape... that certain giggle that only you hear making the goosebumps spread .. you know the giggle I mean.

If you are a dedicated individual who strives for perfection, your mind ticks at a higher rate than most around you, you're someone who will endeavour to carry my morals and standards around with you being a reflection of who I am and most of all, is not a self centred, individual who longs for a Domme to help you be the best version of yourself.... then you may message me and introduce yourself.

Be mindful of your manners, be a true gent, and be fully aware that I am seeking a lifestyle, someone who wants me to have the best while they live a very modest but freeing life. (Tribute for my time invested in you) Do you truly know how it feels to be free? Let me show you ....

Long term arrangements preferable, so I can get into your mind and right under your skin.

You may spoil me, gift me, but what an honour if I allow you to take me shopping and for lunch / dinner...

Online Dynamic is possible with daily rituals / protocols to be followed to the letter... Locked cocks and key holding feeds my denial craving.... let me dig into that filthy thing you call a mind... and let me Fuck it slowly.

Mademoiselle Sadique 💋

How to approach me -

Should you feel you match my energy, you may send me a message with the opening line 'I'd feel honoured to have the privilege of dedicating my life to you'
You may then introduce yourself and then as you wait in anticipation for a response you can hope, pray and beg that you intrigue me....

Messages with a Hi... and no content will be ignored.

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