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Seeking a permanent Master

Age:39 years
Sponsoring:I don't expect money
Marital status:single
I'm looking for a:man
Height:5ft 4in (163 cm)
Weight:9st 7lb (60.3 kg)
I like most:other
Light or hard:very hard
I like:other
Last login:7 hours ago

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New to kink and looking to find my first and only Master
ďOnly connectÖ.Ē EM Forster

"You are a strong lady, you are fierce and amazing, kind and loving and just absolutely bitchin'. "

Whilst I'm physically a late starter to BDSM, it's a world that speaks to not only to my desires but to the untouched deepest parts of me.

I'm here to find a Master for 24/7 M/s or strong D/s, who can connect with me, take me places I never thought I could get to, psychologically as well as physically.

For my Master, for me, its all about being subject to the control and raw energy of a dominant man. So most important to me is the atmosphere created by my Master - the sense of ownership, to be led, to be held under control. To be pushed, far, in the right way at the right time, beyond what I think I can achieve. Iím a capable woman and I need a man who can match that, and inspire my respect. He needs to be professional, intelligent, ambitious in his field (not for any particular lifestyle, but as a character trait). He should have drive and energy. Sex is important to me, as much or more as a social expression, as an activity for its own sake so the guy should be driven in this aspect too! Fidelity (on my Masters part) is not important to me, but I do expect deep loyalty and commitment. And to enable this, you need to be honest and straightforward with me.

And in return, for you I offer

Adoration and affection, which I've discovered is an important way I like to express myself, and love.
Complete devotion (inc faithfulness). I would like to be able be build my life around another and give you unquestioning support in everything you do. Essentially, a Male Led relationship.
I'd love to provide personal services to my Master, somewhat like a butler (dressing, washing, shaving, etc)
I want a relationship where I'm sexually available to my Master all the time, with the mans initiation welcomed every time.
I'm actively seeking TPE - although I need to be trusted, so no micromanagement please [if you are seeking to contact me, please mention "blue seashells" in your message]
And it might not seem like it here, but with the right dominant man I can be sweet, pliable, compliant, feminine and even shy. I am very much a natural follower. With the right dynamic, it feels like being able to relax into the companionate, secondary role that I was born to fulfil
In terms of kinky activities, whilst I have my preferences, for me its all about context and meaning. I like to think Iím fairly open minded, and certainly very suggestible, but within sane limits.

Vanilla me... Iím a functioning introvert, who seeks out the company of good friends but still enjoys (needs!) time alone. Iíve been a reader all my life Ė mostly non-fiction (history, biography, politics, psychology) but Iíve been enjoying branching out into an interesting diversity of fiction with the local book group. I live in the countryside so do a range of almost obligatory outdoor activities: cycling, climbing, walking, paddleboarding (latest middle aged [!] craze). I love history, and all things aligned - stately homes, castles. I sew historic costume as a major hobby, and love any events with the excuse to attend in costume. I volunteer sometimes at the local library. Myers-Briggs: INFJ.

Whilst I need someone who will understand and respect the vanilla-me, Iím not looking for someone who is a match with me in these aspects. Indeed, itís possibly preferable that I have someone with whom there is sufficient tensions between our two interests and characters to enable me to make a clear and distinct choice to serve another. A good summary of this philosophy, is that I want to relate to another through the kink.

Jobwise, Iím a professional working woman. Whilst Iím not particularly career driven (in the sense of being driven for promotion etc), I do derive great satisfaction from doing good work, and my job provides me with the mental challenges that I need.

If a man wishes to have multiple partners, I am open to the idea, but that would require further discussion and I am not interested in any men who operate a hierarchy for their partner's and are already married/have a "primary"

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