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Are you honest, single, kinky and dom?

Age:25 years
Sponsoring:I don't expect money
Marital status:single
I'm looking for a:man
Height:5ft 8in (173 cm)
Weight:9st 10lb (61.7 kg)
I like most:bondage
Light or hard:hard
I like:bondage, spanking, pain, sex, fetish, clips, other
Last login:1 hour ago

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This is hard to do.
Iím single, professional (that means Iíve got a professional career, it doesnít mean Iím a sex worker so donít offer money unless you want an instant block). I bought by tiny little house in December. So most of my spare time is decorating and DIY.

Iím chatty. I have been told I am easy to talk to. Iím not funny but I have a good sense of humour. I am slim and fit from using my exercise bike and running (and currently it feels like I am sandpapering the whole world which is boring but very good exercise)

My friends say Iím attractive but you know friends are like. They are full of bullshit trying to make you feel better. In truth I know i am average to look at. If you dont like what you see you could always use a leather hood. Iím quite turned on by the idea of leather hoods. Must be leather. I could be anyone under a hood, couldnít I?. Is it Lizzy or is it Zendaya tied down in front of you?
Your looks donít really matter too much. Just please be clean. I donít need you to be covered in expensive scent. The best smell is just smelling clean. Guys just need to smell like soap to make me hot.

Iím looking for a sane, friendly, dominant guy for a long term relationship. By relationship I donít mean it has to be love and marriage. It would be great to find someone I fall for, but I would be happy with a guy who I can trust and whose company I enjoy who wants to do wicked things to me regularly. Someone I can get to know well so I am relaxed when Iím tied over a table in his house. Trust is everything.

A relationship must be exclusive. Iím not into poly or married guys who are cheating. We would both need to be tested before we have unprotected sex.

I have a few ďstandardsĒ. Please check them
(A) You must LOOK under 45. Your actual age isnít important. You just need to LOOK under 45.
(B) Please write your profile before you contact me. Too many men have almost nothing on their profiles.
(C) You must have a face photo on your profile.
(D) You must not be overweight . A little bit of extra padding is ok. Dad bod is ok. Fat is NOT ok. Sorry if that offends anyone. I just know that flabby bodies donít do anything for me.
(E) Nobody married, engaged, separated or in a relationship. You must be Single, divorced or widowed.
(F) You should be dominant. No subs or switches who are playing at being dom. You must be naturally dominant.

I think Iíve covered it all. I will add more if I think of anything.

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