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I am MistressZuZan, Derby Pro Domme

Age:28 years
Sponsoring:I expect money
Marital status:single
I'm looking for a:man
Height:5ft 5in (165 cm)
Weight:9st 9lb (61.2 kg)
I like most:torture
Light or hard:hard
I like:bondage, spanking, torture, pissing, fetish
Last login:7 hours ago

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I have a cute female, trainee switch, Miss Zara, joining the **The Family Z** She can join in the sessions as Dom or sub, be eye candy to take your mind of the clamps or even give you something eat. She might even cane your arse as I crop your little pecker. Soon She might be taking midweek sessions on Her own while I will still see you at weekends.

Session Times:
Firday 5pm to 11pm
Saturday and Sunday 10am to 11pm
From November -
10am to 10pm Most days (even Chrisrmas Day if you wish)
Overnights Available Fri and Sat

My Profile is a little long but it will answer any questions you may have, SO, if you ask a question that is answered in My profile do not be surprised when I tell you you are an idiot, lazy or both and probably block you - BDSM is not for the stupid.

I AM A PRO DOMME I seldom, if ever, make initial contact, if I do it will be a single message, if you do not reply, no more will follow.

My profile,
I am a pretty, English, 28yr old, slim, white. experienced Domme and, after my first ten months of carrying out sessions, I still cannot wait for the next so I can develop my skills further with my lucky subs, either male or female.

During sessions I enjoy many aspects of BDSM and show here a small selection: shoe/foot worship, CBT, CP (with a range of toys and clamps) on feet, legs, arse, nipples and back. Blindfold, gag, hood and ropes can be used. Magic Wands and Violet Wands are amongst my favourite toys. I have also discovered I really like ball busting with bare feet, shoes and boots.

If you have your own toys then please bring them along too, especially if unusual, as i love to learn new techniques.

I am happy to ‘tie and leave’ if this is your fetish, in the playroom, in private garden or I have a small prison space where you can remain for an hour or three.

I am very happy for service / domestic subs who wish to visit for a few hours to help make the playroom house nicer, or more dungeony.

For those who wish it, I have my own strap-on so if you are well behaved I might fuck you and tell you are a good, or bad, boy during a two hour session.

I can also offer permanent body piercings if that is something you would like

NO SEX and only if you have been a very good boy will you cum, so do not think this is a meeting for sex or an easy wank.

Session tributes are from £80 an hour (see later in profile for more info) which I hope you will think is fair as I wish to make sure you leave satisfied and wanting to return.

An overnight session will normally consist of : sub shackled to spanking bench in playroom or in cage, 11pm until 8am and released to make Me breakfast. Two hour session in the evening and a 1 hour in the morning £350
(the last overnight sub sent this - subsequent to the overnight stay your sub remained in a semi or full state of arousal for about threes days with the image of his mistress in his mind.)

Due to many subs not appearing at their booked time, a deposit of £20 per hour is required (via paypal, bank transfer or amazon gift card) to secure your time and show you will attend.

It should not need saying but, apparently, it does...Before you arrive I expect you to have a shower, be clean and, hopefully, smelling nice.. If you are unable to have a shower before you arrive you must tell me and take a shower at the beginning of, and in, your session time. Failure to act like a civilised human being will result in you being asked to leave.

Tributes per hour: (if you wish Miss Zara present add £50)
Foot worship, gag, hood, blindfold, restraints, rope work, CP, CBT, nipple clamps, elerctrics, humiliation and more :: £80

All the above plus butt plugs, dildos, edge play :: £90

The above with tie and tease and/or strap-on :: £100 (two hour session preferred)

There is a slight reduction in tribute for 2 and 3 hour sessions

For those that wish to visit as sissies, maids, CDs. TVs, naked etc to help about the house then a tribute of £25 an hour would be welcome

For purely feet/shoe fetishists I can offer a 30 minute session letting you enjoy shoes, boots, flip-flops etc along with nyloned and naked feet for £45, total

A New 1 hour Session Idea.
I am calling it 'Top and Toe' and it consists of a 50/50 split between footworship and getting (maybe giving) a 'sensual' back massage. - £90

On rare occasions I could also webcam for short Doming sessions

An extra little piece of info:
If you would like a discounted session I am looking for clever subs who can help make My life a little nicer, so, If you can carry out one of these tasks, say hello.

carpenter needed: I have an arch dividing two rooms and 2 internal doors and would
love to combine the two
re-gas air con in a skoda car
add an outside tap to an existing plastic pipe
fit an outside tap at front of house (water from wc inflow through wall)
check/re-wire the tow bar electrics on a skoda
fix electric window/ door on skoda, not going up/down although motor works
supply and fit 2 hinges to a PVC patio door
do a service on central heating boiler (Potterton)
plumb in a bidet
plaster part of a ceiling
lay pavers on 4 x 4m grassed area (pavers here) or supply/lay artificial grass
Host a small website for me to promote My Savannah Kittens

For this type of visit you will attend as a 'trademan' and as such may be ignored while I do other things and you will not be naked or 'dressed' in a fetish fashion.

If you wish to be naked or 'dressed', and have My attention as you carry out these tasks then the above tribute of £25 per hour will be welcome. (to explain this, you should not expect a discounted session and get 'fetish time' while doing the same task)

Another way to support Me is I am looking for a Savannah Cat, F4 silver:
I realise this is a little strange but every Domme should have a pet that reflects Her personality. The effortless sadism of these felines as they play with prey makes a cat My purrfect pet.
After searching for 8 months I have found a wonderful furry beast and now seek a female for Him. A F4 Savannah (maybe a F3) girl will produce beautiful kittens so if you breed them, know of one or can help me buy one say hello.
As these kitties are £1,000, or more, I am happy to enter a contract, with you regarding future kitten sales, if this is of interest. Kittens could be here within 9 months and with them selling for a minimum of £1,000 each you can quickly get your 'financial help' back.
Contributions so far (thank you very much) £45

Many like to buy a gift so I have fetish items on my Wishlist from £1.50 or, for a little more, some sexy outfits that, if gifted, I will wear in photoshoots with images posted in my profile.

I was asked to sell a pair of My panties and bra but, at that time, I said no, I have now seen that many do sell them so I will sell My panties, if bought off my wishlist. I also have a few of My worn bras (in photos) that can be bought if you wish a 34b or 34c bra of Mine.

from r-e
thank you for the absolutely unbelievable session. i know you will hear this all the time but you are totally stunning. You did a perfect session, i couldn't imagine it being any better. i go to total mush when i am in front of a dominant female, but you took control of everything perfectly. The difference from my first two sessions to now is outstanding. Your playroom is brilliant and very creative. i left home at 7am and returned home 4pm, i have travelled around 260miles and it was totally worth it to serve you.What i loved about the session, foot worship, breathing control, sensual stuff you did i absolutely cant believe how good you were at doing it. I really enjoyed the ball busting, whipping my little thingy, it is black and blue. i cant believe you hit me so hard, i am so grateful, thank you so much i loved it.

from mj
I really enjoyed being tied down. Your rope work is excellent. And, funnily, I liked the bed frame.....Never experienced that purple static wand before but really liked it.....And you've got a very attractive figure - loved your legs in that PVC with purple high heels - stunning.....An amazing experience. Would love to do it again

from j-11
Hi mistress,yes it was great session u did really well considering u not done much trample like this.You certainly left your mark on my balls ;-).

from bt
I enjoyed the session. Thankyou for taking it gently and I thought the way you led me and teased me and built it up was great.

from c2u
In session you were lovely, very gentle and refreshingly tactile. A slave’s body, cock n balls belong to his Mistress, it’s nice when she takes control of them and feels free to manhandle.

from g6
Very professional
Very good looking and attractive
Very good manner and way in which you built up kinks (esp flogging learning my limits but taking consideration with marks left where)
This built trust and i felt comfortable with you

from r
You are fantastic, but you probably know that. One of the best experiences I have had ever. Very human with a soft touch combining kindness and cruelty is great on the receiving end.
I went home marked but not hurt and lifted up not pushed down. Wish I could afford that sort of treatment all the time.
Probably more of a Princess than a Mistress in a very good way. 10 out of 10

from t-cdtv2
Thank you MistressZuZan I was in total awe of you from the moment you opened the door, I hope I was respectful enough to you, I felt I had really fell into you Web, you are a beautiful goddess who really knows how to use me, thank you for using me xxx

from s-4a

YOU are a very classy, intelligent, sensual domme and I adored playing with you.
The only thing that restricts me seeing you more often is distance and cost (although your costs are reasonable), and my availability.


A big thank you to tilly who worked magic sealing my bath, changing the mixer taps and fixing the shower so subs can now have a shower if they need one.

A big 'thank you' to geeky who set up My new webpages and suffered My endless ' add this', do thats'

A warm cyber hug (pun intended) to little spoony, without whose timely assistence the hot water problem, at the playroom house, might still be unfixed

As always thanks go to our cleaner boy for his continued help

A very unexpected thank you to ab-lb for his 3 gifts, looking forward to wearing one and adding photos as soon as possible

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