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Age:41 years
Sponsoring:I don't expect money
Marital status:single
I'm looking for a:man, couple
Height:5ft 2in (157 cm)
Weight:16st 0lb (101.6 kg)
I like most:fetish
Light or hard:hard
I like:fetish
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Hello :-)

Im going to start with the boring bit, the rant ect, then start my profile for those that actually want to read more.

**l only date between ages 35-50
**No long distance, it doesnt work for me
**Dom only or equivalent, no switches or obviously subs
**Im not interested in your dick unless im dating the person attached
**I do not switch....ever!
**Hooks ups simply wont happen
**No wank fodder will be found here

If you ignore these then expect no reply if you ask to meet.

Rant over....for now

So.... i am a girly with many labels looking for a Dominant guy.
Connection is the key for me, without it things dont work, it all starts in the mind and the body will follow ;-)

If i had to put those pesky labels on me they would be a mixture of submissive, slave, gimp/toy, human pet and a splash of brat just to contradict the rest :-))
These are kinda personality types, not roles. Im this way all day everyday.
I dont suddenly become them when infront of a 'dominant', im not bedroom only.

Ive been active since my early 20s, however took time away to focus on my child. Now hes older and more independent ive been back for a few years.

Not into online only or dirty talk, im not here to help you get off. Happy to chat about kinks and see if there is a connection and only then can conversation move onto a more detailed level ;-)

I dont have a high pain threshold so all in moderation but this is something i do want to push further with.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan is my type, tall, dark hair, brown eyes and that beard...yum. I know hes not going to knock on my door but thats the look i absolutely melt to, its instant attraction i cant help it lol.

I am a big girl, bigger than curvy.
Dress size 22/24, big arse, big thighs, big tummy.
You might love it but i dont lol,
If slutty acting and sexy is your thing, thats just not me.
I dont dress up in stockings and heels ect.
Im not confident enough to even try to be that way..no you wont be able to change how i feel, please dont try as its really awkward x

We both need to share lots of things in common, or it simply doesnt work, i need that person to need the same things and not just do it for me, it doesnt work. Its the connection thing.

On a side note, i am looking to join an established couple but only in a certain way, not cuckhold or 3sum sex, message to find out. Dom male, Domme/switch female (not sub only female) is the ideal scenario.
Hopefully meeting about once a month depending on both circumstances, enjoying each others company in vanilla life too, even if thats spiced up ;-)

I know this all comes across as blunt, but im actually very cheeky and down to earth, i dont do drama, not into fashion or shoes, i dont care what celebrities get up to lol.
My conversations are from whats for breakfast to oh yes those clamps do pinch, you never know
Im happy to chit chat with anyone, i will say friends only in my opening message responding if you are not what im looking for, or you are not my type, hopefully you would have read my profile and see why so theres no awkward explaining to do, i expect the same in return if im not quite your type so we both know it really is just chit chat

Thank you for reading :-)

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