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Ready to be adventurous

Age:32 years
Sponsoring:I don't expect money
Marital status:single
I'm looking for a:woman, man
Height:5ft 4in (163 cm)
Weight:9st 1lb (57.6 kg)
I like most:bondage
Light or hard:hard
I like:bondage, spanking, torture, sex, fetish
Last login:2 hours ago

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I will put some more photos up as soon as I get some nerve or confidence. Obviously if it looks promising we can talk on Face Time or some other video chat

I've had some experience but some of you guys would probably think it was kids stuff
bondage, spanking and rape role play

I want to try more. Especially the impact play etc. I feel I could take much more than just spanking. I think that ideally I need to meet someone who is sadistic enough to enjoy spanking, caning, flogging, whipping but is sane and trustworthy enough for me to be safe.

I also want to feel the full submission experience. To feel owned by someone.

Get in touch and hopefully we can discuss what you need and meet for a drink.

I haven't got the time or the transport to add significant travel to any dates so please be in London. You need to live in London and be able to accommodate. I share with a friend so I can't accommodate for anything other than vanilla.

No professionals please. I don't want anyone I need to pay and obviously I don't want any money. Maybe you can buy me a drink.

I am average height and slim. Most people say I'm attractive (it's embarrassing to praise yourself). I have dark brown hair and blue/grey eyes which most say is my prettiest feature (Eek!)
The bad stuff: My boobs are not big (B cup). If you are a "boob man" please pass me by.
As you can see on my photo I have a very slight belly which no amount of exercise or dieting seems to shift. So not washboard abs. My worst feature is my nails. I can't grow them. If you like talons I won't be for you. Guys who like short and neat, please form a queue.
My friend said "guys don't care about your fingernails. They just want to spank you, shag your bum and cum in your mouth"
I said "No problem here!"
She said "You're a complete and utter SLUT!"
Me: "For the right guy, absolutely"

No married men please (separated is still married). I don't want to be involved in anything complicated like that.

I have put a little bit of effort into telling you something about myself. If your first message is minimal or shows that you clearly haven't read my profile page don't be surprised if I don't answer it when I'm busy. Think what you would want to see from a person making the first contact. It doesn't need to be a novel but maybe more than. "Hey there, write to me"

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