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Addicted to CNC

Age:26 years
Sponsoring:I don't expect money
Marital status:single
I'm looking for a:woman, man, couple
Height:5ft 6in (168 cm)
Weight:9st 0lb (57.2 kg)
I like most:bondage
Light or hard:hard
I like:bondage, spanking, torture, sex, fetish
Last login:3 hours ago

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I'm back and fully healthy except for the dyslexic typing of my username. I had covid and went into isolation.
Downside::-- no Wi-Fi and terrible phone reception for a few weeks.
Upside::-- after a few days of a cough I was surfing on the Gower peninsula for a fortnight.

To anyone I started speaking to before please resume unless you've got yourself hooked up in the last month.

So as you can see in my pic I am wearing a mask and socks. Currently the height of fashion in Cheltenham. Nothing to do with being a scaredy cat and hiding my face, it's just a sensible precaution in case the bathroom windows has a newer strain of covid

1. Single man or single woman or MF couple or MM couple or FF couple
2. Between 25 and 40
3. Experienced with bdsm and 100% dominant. Not switch or sub.
4. Unmarried if single man or single woman or Living together if a couple
5. Able to accommodate at your place
6. Not massively overweight
7. Non-smoker
8. STI free
9. Don't use Class A drugs
10. Understand and respect safe signals
11. Please have a photo on your profile.

1. Single female
2. 26
3. Fairly experienced. Enough to know what I want.100% submissive.
4. Single. I have one FWB but he isn't interested in bdsm
5. Unable to accommodate. Shared house with my siblings.
6. Slim
7. Non-smoker
8. STI free (and intend to stay that way)
9. I don't use Class A drugs. Occasional cannabis edibles
10. Understand and insist on safe signals
11. I will have photos up as soon as they are approved.

I'm into CNC. I love it. I love to be tied/strapped/roped/taped/restrained. Cuffs and collar and straps are my fave. Once I can' t more I like to be used. I like impact play for its own sake but especially when its used to force me to do what you want. I'm looking for a person or people I can see regularly. That will mean not too far away.

I'd like to chat for a short while on here and swap verification photos. If we seem to want the same things then we move to video until the lockdown finishes. Then meet for coffee before meeting for play.

Please don't contact me to tell me why I should change my preferences to include you. It's incredibly arrogant and it won't make any difference. I know why each point is important to me.

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