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I will train you to exhibit all these characterist

Age:35 years
Sponsoring:I don't expect money
Marital status:single
I'm looking for a:man
Height:5ft 7in (170 cm)
Weight:12st 0lb (76.2 kg)
I like most:bondage
Light or hard:hard
I like:bondage, spanking, sex, pissing, fetish
Last login:7 hours ago

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My major turn on would be telling my slave to carry out an action and him doing it without questioning. I am a one man woman, meaning I am not sexually promiscuous and will only commit to one relationship at a time. I do not mind if my slave is married or in another relationship as we are adults and i expect him to keep us private and discreet at all times. I am not one to flaunt my BDSM beliefs in public as this can be bad for business.

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