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Seeking a true submissive partner

Age:32 years
Sponsoring:I don't expect money
Marital status:single
I'm looking for a:man
Height:4ft 11in (150 cm)
Weight:8st 12lb (56.2 kg)
I like most:bondage
Light or hard:light
I like:bondage, spanking, sex
Last login:2 hours ago

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I'm actually a decent Mistress and I play safe, every time . I'm single and looking for a new sub and potential partner, but I'm open to a bit of casual play too, not to mention some saucy chat, if you're up for that.

So what do I like? I like Men who are submissive. I like roleplay too and uniforms. security / police woman, you name it, if you dress up for me, I guarantee well both enjoy it.

I prefer ropes to chains, cuffs and straps. cloth gags over ball gags and the like. I also like blindfolds. I don't like extreme violence, but a little punishment is always sexy and fun. Also not keen on rubber or leather. Hoods and so on are not for me. I want to be able to see my partner when I'm with him. Bottom line is it's really bondage rather than BDSM.

So, first the important ideological bit.....(the fun sexy bits next!)

I believe that like any other form of intimate relationship, one with bondage or BDSM at it's heart is a learning curve, for everyone, no matter how experienced you are, or think you are, because each new relationship brings with it different challenges. Everyone's different and different people like different things and equally dislike other things. I believe you can't and shouldn't make assumptions. Just because you tried something with your ex, who was really turned on by something, doesn't mean your new man equally into it. You need to check. It's called manners!

Also, I know and accept that Just because I'm a Dom doesn't mean that I have the right to do whatever the hell I want to, irrespective of my partners wishes. It's his body, after all, and I know I'm being given a great honour and privilege by being allowed to play with him. I think it's about mutual pleasure and acceptance of boundaries. I think it's important to value and respect the slave I'm with. I feel it's important to know the rules before we start to play and then we can both relax and let go.

More than anything I believe trust and communication are the key here, so I'm looking for a partner, who I can share a mutually exciting experience with, based on safety and agreed boundaries. Someone who ideally, I can grow and expand our joint experiences with and who will be my partner in all things.

To me its not really about one person controlling another. Its about two people sharing a fantasy. Two sides of the same coin coming together to form a whole.

Enough ideology. We can talk about it more later. Now on to the fun & kinky fantasy stuff!


If you choose to become my sub you can expect to be kept bound and gagged, (sometimes blindfolded too) to be used and abused as I see fit. You will be trained as my personal slave boy. You will be made to obey my commands, no matter how degrading or humiliating they might be. Failure to obey will incur punishment. You may be spanked, whipped.

Whilst my captive you can expect to experience being tied up in different positions, including but not limited to being tightly hogtied, chairtied, tied to my dining room table or spreadeagled on a bed. You will be made to kneel before your mistress. You may be put over my knee and spanked, I will tie your hands above your head and hang you from a ceiling hook so that you can only just reach the ground on your tip toes. You will be teased and excited, edged and denied orgasm until you beg me to fuck you.

When I do it will be hard and without mercy as I use your defenseless body for my own perverse satisfaction. Your gagged moans of passion and muffled pleas serving only to spur me on to drive harder and faster into you as I have my way with you and you find yourself powerless to resist.

As my captive you'll be treated like a slut, but when I choose to free you, you'll be my charming prince.

Ideally I want someone who wants a relationship, but I'm equally up for a bit of fun before I find "the one".

Please, please please, lets not waste each others time with relocation bullshit. We all know 99% of the time its just a scam. If you don't live in the UK, nothings going to happen between us except some chat so lets not pretend otherwise.

Thanks for reading.

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